Create Cardano Wallet (ADA) – Instructions & Experiences

First visit the official Cardano website and click on the menu item „Get Started“ > „THE DAEDALUS WALLET“. Now click on „Download“ or visit the website which you can find below.

On the website you will find the menu item „Download“ in the upper area. Click on this and select the wallet for your operating system. After the download, execute the file and start the installation of the Wallet.

Wallet Installation for Bitcoin profit

First select a storage location for your Bitcoin profit. Then click on „Install“. The Wallet for Bitcoin profit will then be installed. After the installation click on „Close“.

Select location | Cardano Wallet

The Daedalus Wallet does not start automatically, so you have to start the installed Wallet manually.

Daedalus Wallet: First Setup according to onlinebetrug

At the beginning you have to select the language. Currently you can only choose between English and Japanese. I select English and click „Continue“. More info on onlinebetrug. You will then need to accept the Terms and Conditions (ToS) and click „Continue“. This will indicate that Cardano is in the trial phase and includes a disclaimer.

Cardano Wallet – Language

Then you have to decide if you want to forward „logs“ to the server. These help to improve the service of the wallet. No sensitive data will be forwarded.

Cardano Wallet Synchronization
Cardano Wallet (Daedalus) Synchronization

Then the wallet synchronizes. Synchronizing the Cardano Wallet may now take some time. For me, the synchronization took more than 16 hours in total. In the meantime you can do other things or alternatively you can let the wallet run overnight.

Problem #1: „Connecting to Network…“ | Daedalus Wallet
I had two problems during the installation. The problems are clearly marked here so that you can skip them if you did not have these error messages or problems.

I had to interrupt the wallet for a short time and wanted to restart it afterwards. However, I had the problem that only the message „Connecting to Network…“ was displayed. The wallet did not synchronize anymore. The FAQ section is helpful in case of errors. Here you can find the most common bugs and how to fix them.

Unfortunately the listed solutions did not work. The Daedalus Wallet simply did not synchronize. Time changed, antivirus system adapted and and and. Only one finally helped. Instead of starting the application „Daedalus“, I executed the application „cardano-launcher“ as admin.