Create Cardano Wallet (ADA) – Instructions & Experiences


First visit the official Cardano website and click on the menu item „Get Started“ > „THE DAEDALUS WALLET“. Now click on „Download“ or visit the website which you can find below.

On the website you will find the menu item „Download“ in the upper area. Click on this and select the wallet for your operating system. After the download, execute the file and start the installation of the Wallet.

Wallet Installation for Bitcoin profit

First select a storage location for your Bitcoin profit. Then click on „Install“. The Wallet for Bitcoin profit will then be installed. After the installation click on „Close“.

Select location | Cardano Wallet

The Daedalus Wallet does not start automatically, so you have to start the installed Wallet manually.

Daedalus Wallet: First Setup according to onlinebetrug

At the beginning you have to select the language. Currently you can only choose between English and Japanese. I select English and click „Continue“. More info on onlinebetrug. You will then need to accept the Terms and Conditions (ToS) and click „Continue“. This will indicate that Cardano is in the trial phase and includes a disclaimer.

Cardano Wallet – Language

Then you have to decide if you want to forward „logs“ to the server. These help to improve the service of the wallet. No sensitive data will be forwarded.

Cardano Wallet Synchronization
Cardano Wallet (Daedalus) Synchronization

Then the wallet synchronizes. Synchronizing the Cardano Wallet may now take some time. For me, the synchronization took more than 16 hours in total. In the meantime you can do other things or alternatively you can let the wallet run overnight.

Problem #1: „Connecting to Network…“ | Daedalus Wallet
I had two problems during the installation. The problems are clearly marked here so that you can skip them if you did not have these error messages or problems.

I had to interrupt the wallet for a short time and wanted to restart it afterwards. However, I had the problem that only the message „Connecting to Network…“ was displayed. The wallet did not synchronize anymore. The FAQ section is helpful in case of errors. Here you can find the most common bugs and how to fix them.

Unfortunately the listed solutions did not work. The Daedalus Wallet simply did not synchronize. Time changed, antivirus system adapted and and and. Only one finally helped. Instead of starting the application „Daedalus“, I executed the application „cardano-launcher“ as admin.

Ethereums ConsenSys to Plan an Intelligent City via Blockchain


Chinese government officials in the southeastern province of Xiong’an have used the services of the Ethereum incubator ConsenSys to drive their agrarian-intensive economy into a technological power plant.

Xiong’an’s Bitcoin code Push

As the South China Morning Post reported on July 24, 2018, the authorities of Xiong’an, President Xi Jinpings, seem to have made China’s first „intelligently planned“ city a reality in his dream. In October 2017, Jinping told the authorities that Xiong’an was pioneering the construction of a „dream city“ in which Bitcoin code industries such as biotechnology, artificial intelligence and energy sciences drive the local economy. Read more about it: Is The Bitcoin Code a Scam? Beware, Read our Review First

Market analyst Morgan Stanley predicted an investment of 362 billion dollars in the region at the time.

Chinese government set „development goals“ for Ethereum code

In May 2018, the Chinese government set „development goals“ for Ethereum code, including the use of blockchain technology and cognitive computing. In addition, ConsenSys will act as a Ethereum code consultant for blockchain technologies used to build the intelligent city and its associated administrative functions. This move is further evidence of China’s belief in the burgeoning distributed ledger technology, although the country has no confidence in crypto currencies.

As published in a statement, ConsenSys will provide software solutions and blockchain frameworks for the Xiong’an region. In order to substantiate their partnership, the two parties signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) in Beijing on July 23, 2018.

ConsenSys founder Joseph Lubin called the development one of the first „major projects“ for his company in Chinese jurisdiction. Lubin further explained that the successful implementation of Ethereum’s technology will prove its worth in a large fiduciary infrastructure, such as entire cities and counties.

The partnership is the first instance of Xiong’an using the services of a „foreign“ company for the benefit of local companies to expand its technological presence and create large-scale digital infrastructures. The local government had previously used the services of Tencent, Ant Financial and Qihoo to combine blockchain technology with Xiong’an urban network.

DECOIN.IO reaches Soft Cap with exciting developments on the horizon


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The high growth rates recorded in the first half of 2018 were exceeded in June. In the last month, investor interest in ICOs that offer real added value to investors has increased enormously. DECOIN – an emerging blockchain-based trading and exchange platform that offers coin owners a share of the revenues – has achieved its own soft-cap fundraising goal.

„We are pleased to have achieved the USD 4,000,000 soft cap,“ said Shay Perry, CEO of DECOIN. The community’s support has been fantastic and we will announce further developments of the project soon“.

Bitcoin Revolution at a glance

DECOIN is making big waves in the blockchain world by developing a platform that Bitcoin Revolution offers practical benefits to its users. The company’s blockchain, based on a Proof-of-Stake (PoS) algorithm, rewards user loyalty with a staking reward of 6.2 percent. The company will be available worldwide – with multilingual support in several international offices.

DTEP platform to be launched within the next 6 months
In addition to reaching the soft-cap milestone, the company will also be driving the development of the DECOIN Trading and Exchange Platform (DTEP) in the next phase of the roadmap. DTEP is expected to start in approximately 6 months, coinciding with the receipt of approval from the Monetarian Authority of Singapore (MAS). This important step will allow DTEP to operate under a regulated license.

Increasing interest in Bitcoin Trader crypto indices

DECOIN is also making significant progress in the development of the DECOIN Crypto Index (DCI). The team’s analysts analyse and research new projects that may be included in the index. All projects are thoroughly reviewed before a final decision on inclusion in the DCI is taken.

DECOIN has achieved some impressive initial results, and from the management’s point of view this is only the beginning of the project’s future track record.

„We have achieved our fundraising goal in the first phase, with the number of users we had hoped for for the project at that time,“ Perry said. „There are international global funds interested in investing in DECOIN. We are delighted with this first successful step and are excited and very confident about the upcoming roadmap“.

Ripple took a hit at the British Parliament hearing.


The UK Parliament’s Finance Ministers‘ Committee held a hearing on Tuesday to discuss the various views on crypto currencies and blockchain. Ripple, the „bank crypto currency“, which aims to work with banks and governments, was particularly criticised for its confusing functionality.

Blockchain is just a fad

Moreso, Martin Walker, a director of the Center for Evidence-Based Management, called Blockchain nothing more than a fad in finance and rejected its use. It was primarily Walker who argued against the Blockchain technology, which is odd since the director was once a former product developer in the Blockchain R3 consortium. Walker claimed that the technologies would hardly solve inefficiencies in the financial sector, and criticized in particular Ripple’s current products.

Ripple’s defense included Director of Regulatory Relations Ryan Zagone, Dr Grammateia Kotsialou, Postdoc at King’s College London and Chris Taylor, Chief Operating Officer at Blockchain Startup Everledger.

Zagone said that Ripple’s main advantage is the fact that you can track money transfers. Walker replied, however, that the company’s model offered no more than the existing SWIFT messaging system. Walker not only had a problem with Ripple, but also targeted the idea of the blockchain in finance:



Hard prospects in the UK
The United Kingdom is not currently against crypto currencies, but it seems difficult to apply appropriate and fair regulations. The Governor of the Bank of England, Mark Carney, has already called Bitcoin a failed currency, and this recent presentation to Parliament does not bode well for the position of the British Government.

At the beginning of this hearing, however, it was stated that the intention was not to stifle the technology. Nick Morgan, the chairman of the committee, highlighted the importance of a healthy balance: